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WAMA's global presence and structure allows for most effective product creations, sourcing and quality control operations out of China and other Asian geographies.

The company has either the ownership or an almost propriety control of the brands it manufactures and markets in its territories, thus making it completely independent. We control the destiny of our businesses. The company has strong banking structure and relationships with many leading national and international banks.

At WAMA we have gained the experience and capabilities to provide our Customers with the best of end-to-end services when it comes to Sourcing from the Asian continent – whether it is Mainland China, India or the Far Eastern countries. We can furnish you with the best of expertise in planning and execution of your sourcing requirements from a vast numbers of our associates spread across a various industries and products who work in consonance with our exacting standards at all stages of the process.

At WAMA we are in a position to provide our Customers with the best Branding Services for appliance and other products. It is not just the product that counts today, supreme service benefits your business and thus WAMA provides special services according to each customers need. Most of all, we share our knowledge with our client to support their business. 

Be it our Home Appliance products and other products that are the outcome of Branding and operational excellence to assemble every necessity of consumers or the group behind these products that come from a broad range of backgrounds, everything we do features a distinct WAMA way.

The group has a unique footprint in China through its China operations based in Ningbo. The operations cover the following activities which are extremely important to the business and form the heart of its operations.
  • I. Efficient sourcing and merchandising team operating in China for:
          - Electronics, Appliances, Home-ware (Home ware)
  • II. Quality Control and Testing.
  • III. Industrial Design, Packaging and Printing Control.
The components used in the products, the actual manufacturing process and the quality control, (QC) and branding and packaging supersedes its competitors’ brands and of the major players in the market. All WAMA products confirm to major national and international quality accreditations like CE, GS which are European community and German Standards and the local ISI quality standards.


We believe that prompt delivery is essential in the competitive world today and thus we always work towards fulfilling our delivery commitments.


There is a great emphasis on quality checks at every step of the process. A careful evaluation is conducted during each step of the operation to ensure that excellence prevails throughout. There is a great emphasis on quality checks at every step of the process. A careful evaluation is conducted during each step of the operation.



With our fully equipped facilities, highly skilled people, production cost had been controlled efficiently and in turn we are able to provide customers unbeatable prices.



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Going forward our endeavor will be to expand our existing capabilities in the Industrial design division with advanced ability to create innovative and unique product designs and their moulds and tooling. These designs and moulds could then be used for various license brands being operated by the company. We also hope to go in for upstream integration of the business by likely acquisition (full or partial) / ownership of International Brands. This will cement the long term security of the business as well as allow the business to expand in other markets viz. Europe and America. Continuous augmentation of our manufacturing facilities for optimum product quality and utmost competitiveness will always be at the core of our expansions in the future as well.