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WAMA has all the spare parts available for its product range to provide further rapid support to the product To find availability for any of our product spare parts contact our consumer care department or e-mail:

Customers / suppliers

The company is dedicated to providing consumers with products of best quality & reliability.

WAMA is working together with their supplier with constant efforts to innovate & improve on their existing product line to go well with the needs of the customers.

WAMA has established relationships with all Stakeholders, Customers & Suppliers based on strong mutual trust and respect.

Our customers & Suppliers are extremely important part of our company. So with the help of this website we are trying to improve our relation. If you want to become our Customer/Supplier/Distributor, you can find our details on Contact Us.

Quality Assurance

We have an extensive capability, which allows us to oversee every aspect of the development and production of every product. We closely monitor every project through each stage of production, providing a reliable product which makes life simple to the end user. Our impact team includes designers, engineers, product managers and quality control specialists. We enforce strict quality control through out the entire production process with our own team of engineers and quality inspectors.

Following the business principle of "Quality first" we constantly develop new products and improve technological level.


Post Sales service

WAMA gives a lot of emphasis on quality control and quick and orderly disposal of consumer including enquiries and complaints. We have established our service centre for this purpose. This service centre is equipped with all the necessary equipments, spare parts and manned by trained technicians. This will be in addition to our high level of product innovation, product guarantees and warranties that are being offered. Spares shall be made available for the further support to the product.